As each of our clients is unique and has its own character, the same applies to bespoke yacht charter services in Croatia.Each of these beauties has its own unique charm and we will try to match the character of our guests to the most appropriate motor bespoke luxury yacht charter knowing her amenities and crew onboard in Croatia. They will then consequently go hand in hand in creating unforgettable moments all together.

Sea Soul offering unique bespoke motor yacht charter services in Croatia

Cruising along the Adriatic Sea, along the glorious Croatian coast boosting of clear rich blue-green water and unspoiled secluded beaches can be quintessentially a perfect holiday in an exclusive motor yacht from the country’s top charter company, Sea Soul. Croatia’s thousand plus islands that presents a mix of the old and the contemporary culture lined by pure untouched beaches, glorious waterfalls, lively towns and ports that provides ample space for a quiet anchorage, far from the maddening crowd is what makes your vacation soul satiating and fulfilling in every possible way.

A motor yacht charter tour is a must-have experience for all tourists to Croatia. A once-in-a-life experience, this is the ideal way to explore nature’s pristine beauty luxuriously and at your own pace while enjoying the warm Mediterranean climate.

Why Sea Soul?

Our motor yachts provide for an assured steady and stable cruise on the Adriatic Sea water. Besides, with ample outdoor space, choosing to go with our motor yacht charter ensures that you get the most awesome anchorage experience, tailor-made to suit your taste and preference along the most sought-after port towns on the coast of Croatia.

  • We are one of the most trusted names in the bespoke motor yacht charter industry in the region today.

  • With years of experience and proven track record, when you are aboard our motor yacht, you can have the most gala time of your life with carefree and unmatched zeal and unabashed enthusiasm.

  • Proud of our friendly and extremely responsive crew members onboard headed by an equally competent Captain to facilitate a life-enriching vacation for you and your close ones.

  • Bespoke menu, home-made with love using local ingredients.

  • One of the top-most luxurious fleets available of motor yachts to add glam and glamour to your Adriatic holiday. Fitted with the ultra-modern amenities and well-appointed spaces, enigmatic personality powered by the most powerful engine and with a robust body.

Choose from an expansive list of motor yachts offered solely by Sea Soul. Our love for the sea drives us to offer the best customized motor yacht charter options to our valuable patrons and clientele. Motor yachts are the most recommended for small group sizes and are ideal for the Croatian seaside where quick stopovers and island hopping is a common ritual.

This holiday, gift yourself luxurious tranquillity – a calming Adriatic cruise on a Sea Soul motor yacht that will leave soul and body completely rejuvenated and nourished. As you sail on the bluish green rich water in one of our stylish and chic yachts, discovering unique marine life, lazing on the sun-kissed deck catching glimpses of the infinitely lit sky and anchoring at a quiet beachfront, you will feel the pure bliss of being in nature’s lap amidst one of the planet’s most amazing destinations.