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We offer a highly discreet and professional luxury yacht charter in Croatia, making your holidays onboard very personal and customized to your wishes.

Homemade recipe.

Using all domestic ingredients by local people for your 100% homemade Adriatic sea yachting experience.

Adriatic Sea.

Trust us, you will be amazed by the striking colors of the Adriatic sea. Would you like to explore our sun-kissed islands while cruising and dining in style?

Do you like what you see?

Sea Soul Yachting: Croatia’s premium super yacht charter company

Yachts and the serene water of the sea have a unique exclusivity about them. With family, friends, colleagues or solo, to relish a super-luxurious and once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Adriatic Sea, come on-board with Sea Soul, one of the finest Croatia yachting charter companies..

Visiting Croatia, a bespoke Adriatic Sea cruise on the country’s best super yacht charter is a must action for visitors to revel in. Sea Soul Yachting works closely together with crew members in order guests truly have an out-of-this-world experience abroad many private luxury yacht charter fleets. Starting from its opulent on-board amenities, water toys and jet skis, to serving you sumptuous food cooked with local ingredients, Hire a private luxury super yacht charter in Croatia for an exceptional and unforgettable holiday on the Adriatic Sea with Sea Soul Yachting. your private Adriatic Sea journey in Croatia will be nothing short of ecstatic joy and an unforgettable plush extravagancy.

Your Croatia bespoke yachting charter experience is surely incomplete without a magnificent tour over the sapphire waters of the Adriatic with captivating hidden coves, the sight of the pristine forests, the breath-taking landscape and the distant islands. Sea Soul Yachting is a premium luxury yacht hire service provider in Croatia famed for its unmatched professionalism. If you are not on-board any of the private luxury yacht charter offered then your Croatia visit is surely amiss and not totally complete.

We offer this and much more to our valued guests, excelling our own set standards every time.

  • The finest luxury yacht rental selection in the entire country and beyond.

  • Yachts of all sizes with umpteen number of customizes services on-board, to choose from.

  • Comprehensive and exhaustive know-how of our team members who never fail to go that extra mile to see you smile to your satisfaction.

  • Freedom and flexibility to choose and personalize your Adriatic experience to make it one of your most cherished holidays forever.

  • Cuisines of your liking served on-board prepared with local ingredients and home-made to add an exceptional chapter to this soulful journey.

Call us today or write to us for Sea Soul luxury yacht hire and we will ensure that nothing but the best is delivered to you! Our focus is to deliver precious moments and enviable experiences to our guests on-board many of the super yacht charter possibilities.

With extremely supportive hands around, Sea Soul staff ensure that your journey into the heart of Croatia is incomparable to any other experience that you have had in the past. With well-kept promises galore, Sea Soul’s luxury yacht rental will be perfect and deserving – a dream-come-true vacation for you and your friends and family!

Seasoul Yachting is specialized for Professional luxury super yacht charter in Croatia. For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in Croatia, please contact us today!