I am interested in chartering a yacht on the Adriatic sea. Where to start?

Well, being here, on our website, you are already on the right place to start finding a yacht that will be your home while you are cruising on the Adriatic sea. Think about your wishes, number of people in your party and your budget. Once you have figured it out, fill out the request form or e-mail us and we will take it from there. We will do our best to propose a yacht that will perfectly match your needs.

How many days a charter lasts?

Usually, the majority of charters last seven days especially in the high season (July and August) when most of the yachts won’t even consider having a shorter charter. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy longer holidays on the sea, please note that in this case most yachts offer discounted rates for charters longer than seven days. In the low season it is much easier to charter a yacht for a shorter number of days. On the Adriatic the most yachts have check-in around 4 to 5 pm and check-out around 9 to 10 am. We know what the terms of each yacht are so you will always have up-to-date information in our offers.

Please describe the booking process.

Once you choose your preferred yacht candidate, we will send to you the MYBA Charter Agreement to be signed and the official offer with amounts due to be paid in order to confirm her booking. 50% is due to be paid at signing the Charter Agreement (in most cases Owners will give us 48 hours) and the balance 50% + APA (30% of the Charter fee) is to be paid six or four weeks prior to the embarkation at the latest.

What are MYBA terms?

MYBA (the Worldwide Yachting Association) is an internationally recognized professional organization whose members created MYBA Charter Agreements based on their experience in the Superyacht industry. MYBA Charter Agreements are the most widely used yacht charter contracts today. Sea Soul Yachting is MYBA e-contract subscriber and we are working based on MYBA terms. When this is the case with majority of charter agencies and Owners, Charterers have consistent rules and regulations and they always know what to expect from their charter regardless of the place of their cruise. However, in certain cases, some of the Owners have their own particular rules for chartering their yacht which differ from MYBA terms. When this is the case, you will be properly informed and these specific rules will be specified in the Charter Agreement.

What is APA?

APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) represents an advance payment for the running costs that will be incurred during the charter period (fuel for the yacht, generators, tenders, fuel for water toys, guest food and beverages, port and berthing fees, piloting where applicable, dock water and energy, personal effects laundry etc.). It is important to note that these funds are transferred to the Captain before your arrival and are being managed by the Captain on behalf and in the sole interest of yourselves as Charterer(s). During your charter, your Captain will advise you periodically as to disbursement of APA. In case your expenditures exceed the APA paid, you are responsible to pay in cash supplementary funds to the Captain. At the end of the charter period, before your disembarkation, Captain will produce the final report for all expenditures charged at-cost accompanied by all receipts available. This is the time when these accounts are settled: you will either have to pay in cash the amount exceeding the APA paid or the Captain will reimburse to you the remaining funds unspent.

How can we advise the Crew about our preferences, dietary requirements and itinerary desires?

We strive to deliver an unforgettable yachting experience to each one of our clients. In order to accomplish that, we also need a little help from your side by filling out the preference list that we will send to you few weeks before your embarkation.  You will be asked about any special dietary requirements, food allergies of any of the guests, your preferences regarding food and beverages. Furthermore, we will ask about your entertainment and sporting desires while on board. All the information we get from you will be communicated with the crew of your chosen yacht and the preparation for your holidays may begin. We are here exclusively for you regarding your itinerary wishes or cultural heritage sites you wish to see while on the Adriatic as well. The idea is to have as much information as possible in order to provide a completely customized cruising experience respecting your wishes.

What is included in the Charter fee?

As per MYBA terms, Charter fee includes yacht rental, the insurance of the vessel and the crew, basic consumable supplies and cleaning materials, laundry of ship’s linen, the crew and their wages, uniform and food.

Are we as guests insured while on board and is our charter fee insured?

Please note that as per MYBA Charter Agreement following Insurance policies are not included: Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance and Charterer’s Liability Insurance. Furthermore, we strongly suggest that all members of the charter party are covered by Personal Accident and are under Medical Insurance for the duration of the charter period. It is also wise to have independent insurance for your personal effects while on board or ashore.

Are crew gratuities obligatory and at what rate?

Crew gratuities are customary but discretionary and are normally around 10% of the charter fee. You may hand over the gratuities to the Captain for distribution to the crew members or if you wish to extend a higher gratuity to a particular crew member(s) you may hand it over directly to them as you consider appropriate.

I want to charter the same yacht I did previously. Is the procedure the same?

Yes, it is. We will only skip the first part of choosing a perfect yacht for you since you already experienced cruising on her. Please note that also in this case most of the yachts offer a discount to returning Charterers. We will try to negotiate this for you with the Owners.

Are there specific rules for conduct on board?

Yes there are. Even if you are not chartering a yacht for the first time we kindly ask you to take care of each yacht by respecting her and the crew, following the safety instructions and on board rules such as wearing no shoes and no smoking inside the yacht. In case of any uncertainties or special requests you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to clarify everything in advance.